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About me

About me

Hello there! My name is Laura and I’m a Web Designer & Digital Consultant & I can help your business thrive digitally.


My background is in Digital Marketing & Law. For nearly 8 years, I have created and produced successful content for various brands from the tech to the professional services industries.

Whether you’re a new startup or you have been around a few years, I offer a fresh and creative approach to growing your business. I can help with everything from web design & digital marketing to content creation &
 creative strategies.

Coffee addict

Dog lover

Thrill seeker

Digital Nerd

My Values

At my core, I am incredibly passionate about empowering & equipping people with the tools needed to turn their passion into a profitable business and a beautiful brand.


I am creatively driven & a self professed digital nerd who grew up at the heart of the digital revolution, so I know how to utilise the latest trends in the digital landscape.


I believe in automating processes for people as much as possible because I understand the cost & time pressures most business face.

Let’s start a project!

Have a big ambition for your brand or business?


Let’s start the conversation 😉


Book your free 1:1 consultation today by filling out the form or drop me an email: hello@coastdigitaldesign.com